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Rudolf Breuss’s Juicing Recipe | The Cancer Killing Juice

The Cancer Killer Juice Recipe by Rudolf Breuss

1 beet
1 carrot
1 celery stick
1/2 potato
1 radish

Process all the vegetables above through your juicer. Strain the juice if necessary to remove any sediment. Pour into a glass and drink slowly.

Rudolf Breuss’s juicing recipe is a vegetable juice made up of 55% red beet root, 20% carrots, 20% celery root, 3% raw potato, 2% radishes. This juice is called Breuss juice, named after Rudolf Breuss who tried to find the best vegetable juice against cancer diseases.

The Austrian naturopathic doctor, Rudolf Breuss, developed this juice formula consisting of beetroots, carrots, celeriac, radish, and potatoes in specific ratios, to provide a balance of basic elements required for the body’s nourishment. In combination with the juice formula, Breuss recommends various herb teas to enhance its cleansing effects.

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