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Best Healthy Juicer Recipes

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This site is packed with our favorite best juicer recipes to encourage you to enjoy fresh juices every day.

Why Juice?

Recipes and Benefits of Juicing #1

Easy Assimilation of Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes and other Good Stuff!

When you eat whole fruits and vegetables all of the nutrients are inside the fiber of the fruit or vegetable. With whole fruits and veggies your body has to work hard to break down and process those nutrients.

With fresh juices the nutrients and enzymes have been liberated from the fiber pulp and the cells of your body can take in the nutrition much more quickly and easily. This allows the body to focus on detoxifying, cleansing and resting. To get a quick and more easily taken in burst of nutrition – daily fresh juicer recipes can do it due to easily assimilation into your body.

Note: I still highly recommend whole fruits and vegetables daily. Your body needs the fiber and nutrition. The best combination is fresh juice every morning when your body is waking up and then eat lots of whole fruits and vegetables later in your day.

Recipes and Benefits of Juicing #2

Water For Your Body

Our body’s cells are made up of mostly water. And water is essential for proper cell function.

We need lots of hydration throughout the day for our best health.

Raw fresh juices (unlike dehydrators like coffee, soft drinks and alcohol) hydrate you and supply water that your body needs to replenish fluid that is lost in daily activities and body function.

Raw fresh juice not only provides hydration through the water in the vegetable and fruits, it also provides vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals ( Phytochemicals have protective or disease preventive properties).

Raw fresh juice also makes your body more alkaline which boosts your body’s immunity and metabolic function.

Recipes and Benefits of Juicing #3

Juicing is FAST

Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juice is a “healthy fast food.” It only takes a few minutes to prepare fresh juice and it is an easy way to get some of the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables that you need each day.

Recipes and Benefits of Juicing #4

You control what you eat.

If you buy premade juice in a can or bottle – you don’t know what type of produce they used to make the juice. With commercial juice you never know the condition of the fruits and vegetable chosen when they made the juice. The fruits and vegetables could have come from a country where they use chemicals or pesticides on the produce that are banned in the USA.

When you make your own juice you can be sure to choose the best produce. I recommend that you use organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible. This will help you avoid pesticides and other chemicals that are in fertilizers.

Benefits of Juicing………

Juicing is a great method to make certain your body gets the necessary amounts of high quality vitamins, minerals and a huge number of other critical nutrients. Daily juicing is simply one of the most healthy habits that you can do for your body.

Juicing is a fantastic way to incorporate and absorb the greatest amount of nutritional content of fruits and vegetables and a convenient way to make sure you and your family take in all the nutrients needed to fortify your heart and bones, detox and cleanse your system, and assist in building the body’s immunity to disease.

Juicing just makes good sense for “every body.”

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